SACRAMENTAL — We believe that the sacraments that Jesus has established for his Church, especially Baptism and Holy Communion, are the way in which God brings us ever closer to him and so are the true center of the Christian life.


EVANGELICAL — God’s decision to free humanity by becoming a human being in Jesus Christ is the best news that anyone could ever hear, and it is our mission as a Church to share the Good News with all people that their sins can be forgiven through Jesus Christ and that they can live a new life as a child of God.


CATHOLIC — We follow the Church of the first centuries as the model for our teaching and worship, striving to be faithful to the teaching of all the apostles, saints, and martyrs who lived, fought, and died for the true faith: “we take the greatest care to hold that which has been believed everywhere, always and by all” (St. Vincent of Lerins).


TRADITIONAL — We are a church seeking to hold to the doctrine and moral teaching of the historic faith without compromise. We invite you home to the orthodox and catholic faith “once delivered unto the saints.”